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All Saints’ Mission

At All Saints’ we have always been aware of the need of people less fortunate than ourselves. It has been, and continues to be, our policy that, from the generous and sacrificial financial offerings we receive on a regular basis from church members and from the “loose collections”, at all our regular services, we give a tenth to organisations, locally, nationally and internationally, who are dedicated to helping individuals who are in need. This is known as “Tithing”. A list of those to whom we made bequests to last year, together with their website addresses(where applicable) is listed below: -

Family Support Work The Children's Charity of Sussex
Mission Aviation
Happy Home Orphanage

This list is reviewed annually by our Missionary Committee, who are happy to consider other organisations if they are made aware of their need. Contact the Missionary Committee Chair, Terry Miles (see Principal Contacts)

In addition, from time to time we encourage worshippers to make special offerings to organisations/ individuals involved in helping those affected by Natural Disaster or in distress.

We also support members of the "Church Family" who may be involved in Missionary and/or Outreach work.