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The Glebe Centre is a church-run community facility. The activities that take place are mainly those that meet the needs of children, young people, families, the retired and the elderly. Commercial and community groups are welcome to use the building.

The Glebe Centre is managed on behalf of All Saints Church by the Glebe Centre Management Team. The Conditions of Hire are drawn up in order to: (a) ensure that activities in the Glebe Centre are consistent with the Glebe Centre being an integral part of the church building; (b) maintain good relationships with the householders and families whose homes are adjacent to All Saints Church and churchyard; and (c) to maintain dignity and respect in the churchyard.

All Saints Church is a Registered Charity, no. 1148157.

All enquiries about booking the Glebe Centre should be made to Jane Summers.

Email Jane on or telephone Jane on 07971 782 799.

    All Saints’ Church, Crawley Down

The Glebe Centre

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  • The main entrance is behind the northwest corner of All Saints Church: it leads directly into the Glebe Centre’s entrance lobby.
  • The secondary entrance to the Glebe Centre is on its south side, directly from the interior of All Saints Church. This door will usually be kept locked unless the Glebe Centre and church are both in use by a church-run group or activity, or if access to the church is required by a user of the Glebe Centre and this has been notified in advance.
  • Disabled access is available.
  • Car parking is in the Vicarage Road car park.
  • The Glebe Hall is a public hall with a floor area of 95 square metres. The Hall can be divided into two spaces by a partition wall to form the Glebe Hall East with a floorspace of 55 square metres, and the Glebe Hall West with a floorspace of 40 square metres. Each of these spaces can be accessed separately from the entrance lobby.
  • There are three separate WCs, one of them being designed as an accessible WC. These are all accessed separately from the entrance lobby.
  • Baby changing facilities are in the accessible WC.
  • There is a kitchen which is accessed separately from the entrance lobby.
  • Storage for the Glebe Centre is provided on the ground floor of the premises for furniture and for a small number of regular users only.
  • The Fire Exit is at the north east corner of the Glebe Hall.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the Glebe Centre.

The Church Office is situated in the upper room of the Glebe Centre. It is usually staffed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.