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All Saints' as part of the Christian Commumity

When St.Augustine landed near Canterbury in AD597 he brought Christianity back to southern Britain. He immediately divided Britain into areas called Dioceses, so that Christianity could take root again and be well-organised.

By the 12th Century, some 600 years later, the whole of England was divided into parishes, and each parish had its own church. This made sure that everyone knew they had a local church in which to worship God in Jesus Christ, called by the Holy Spirit.

Until very recently, someone else has paid for the parish church. In years gone by it was the Lord of the Manor or other patron. In recent years it was the Church Commissioners and the wider Diocese.

Now it is up to each parish to pay for its own parish church.

All Saints' Church is well-rooted in Crawley Down:

  • For over 100 years the churchyard has been the final resting place of many former residents.
  • The local school was founded by the church in the 19th Century and a new church primary school opened in Crawley Down in September 2006 (Go to the Crawley Down Village Church of England School website).
  • Church & Village is the free monthly community newspaper that is published by All Saints' Church on behalf of all the Crawley Down churches: see back numbers by clicking here.
  • The Glebe Centre is a new church community hall at All Saints‘ Church which was built in 2013. This was made possible by sale of the land that the former Parish Rooms stood on and the generous and sacrificial donation of £250,000 by many people in Crawley Down and further afield.
  • At Christmas and Easter the church is full of worshippers as Crawley Down people celebrate together.